About Us

The U3A of Highbridge is, like all U3A’s, a self-help organisation whose members meet together and co-operate to learn, socialise and enjoy each other’s company. Activities take place during the day, mainly at local halls, and membership allows everyone to participate in whichever activity they may choose.

What is the U3A?

The U3A is a movement that started in France in 1972 and has since spread world-wide.

U3A’s are accessible to all older people throughout the UK and they endeavour to celebrate the capabilities and potential of these people and their value to society. It must be appreciated that the word “university” is used in its original sense, of people coming together to share and pursue learning in all its forms; members regard themselves as both learners and teachers, there are no paid tutors.

Aims and Guiding Principles (taken from www.u3a.org.uk)

A University of the Third Age is a learning co-operative of older people, which enables members to share many educational, creative and leisure activities. Activities are organised mainly in small groups that meet regularly, often in each other’s homes. Members, through sharing their knowledge, skills and experience, learn from each other.

Although all local U3As remain operationally independent, they are members of The Third Age Trust. As such they must abide by both the original Objects and Principles written by Peter Laslett in 1981 and the Principles of the U3A Movement (2014).

The Trust is a national, umbrella body (a registered charity and limited company) which represents all U3As in the UK at national and international level. It is run by a National Executive Committee democratically elected from the membership and offers a range of services, to support and advise local U3As.

The U3A movement is growing all the time; approximately 50 new U3As are started every year. They pursue an amazing range of topics; some academic, some practical and others recreational. Most local U3As offer a combination of opportunities to study, create, socialise, and contribute greatly to members’ overall health and wellbeing.

The U3A is the only national education organisation in the UK run entirely by its own members.


Members of the U3A of Highbridge are covered by Third Party Liability and Product Liability insurance arranged by The Third Age Trust on behalf of all affiliated U3A’s.