History of the U3A of Highbridge

In the late 1990’s when the membership of the Burnham & Highbridge U3A was growing at quite a fast rate, their then Chairman (Ken Hindle), suggested that it was possible that a separate U3A could be formed in Highbridge.

Although it was felt there would not be sufficient interest to warrant there being another U3A in the area, it was decided to place an advert in a local paper to find out. Quite a number of Highbridge residents turned up and during the meeting a Steering Committee was formed. This was given a mandate to go ahead and form another U3A. At their first formal meeting it was agreed that the new U3A be called “The U3A of Highbridge”, this would avoid confusion with the existing Burnham & Highbridge U3A. It had been found, during preliminary discussions with the bank that there may well be problems opening an account and its subsequent use when there was a similar organisation in the immediate area.

The officers of this new U3A were elected at a meeting in March 2000 and an application for membership of The Third Age Trust was submitted. The U3A received its Certificate of Membership of the Trust in July 2000. Following the formation and official recognition of the U3A of Highbridge, the Burnham & Highbridge U3A dropped the “Highbridge” from their title.