Chairlady’s Message

First of all and on behalf of the members of the U3A of Highbridge, I would like to express our thanks to Tony Webb for all the work and dedication he has shown over the past three years as Chairman. Also our thanks to Billy Conibeer who has decided to retire from the committee.

We are a flourishing U3A, with a membership that cannot be faulted. When we ask members to support us at events and especially for fund raising you give your support 110% for which we thank you very much.

The U3A can be a lifesaver to many people who find themselves at a loss after retirement or are left alone for whatever reason. Personally, I had not heard of the U3A until I came to live in Burnham-on -Sea and when I told members of my family that I had joined, my brother-in-law said “I should be very careful about joining these Cult groups!” But it received his approval when his sister joined following her retirement.

There are plenty of interesting activities within our U3A, something to suit most people, interesting activities you can share with others.  There may of course be something we are not covering, in which case please come forward with your suggestions.  I would like to get the Beading Group re-instated, but we need someone who knows the subject well enough to guide us; so watch this space.

I will endeavour to do my best as Chairlady of the U3A of Highbridge, we are a friendly U3A and I am sure that, along with the Committee and the goodwill of our Members, we can only go forward.

Regards to you all, Pearl.

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