Di Barnard Interviewed on Radio

I was looking up Bath Christmas Market on the internet prior to visiting with our U3A, I saw there was a Facebook page so went on there & ticked the question ‘who’s going?’.

In a short time I received a message from Radio Bristol asking if I would agree to being interviewed by the morning programme, as they were doing a special programme on the Christmas market & they wanted to speak to people that were coming from various places.

I replied stating I would do it, but questioned if they would want me as I’m an oldie & have a fairly broad Somerset accent!! They came straight back & said I seem just what they want and arranged to telephone me on the Wednesday afternoon.

I went off to coffee morning on the Wednesday feeling quite a celebrity & shared the news with my friends that I was to be on the Radio!

When I got home I was on tenterhooks waiting for the phone to ring when it did I spoke to a very pleasant man who briefly asked various questions & asked me to be ready by the phone at 8.25 the next morning to receive the call to go on air.

Dead on 8.25 the phone rang & when I answered It was explained that the programme would be relayed over the phone to me & I just had to listen & wait until I heard ‘ We now have a lady, Diane Barnard from Burnham on Sea who is going to Bath Christmas Market today on a coach with friends from Highbridge U3A. They asked me how many were going & what we intended to do & if I had been before. I made sure I gave another mention to Highbridge U3A & said what a good Club it is, I made them have a giggle when I said there is a coach load of oldies waiting to descend on Bath with our full purses to live it up!

My husband missed hearing it as I had thought it would also be on Somerset Sound but it wasn’t! We then managed to find Radio Bristol on our TV and we’re pleased to hear it repeated at 9am.

I went off to catch the coach at 9.15 & was pleased to let my friends know of my new found fame.

Di Barnard

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